Books on Overcoming Unhealthy Addiction

Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget by Sarah Hepola

Hepolas shares her scary reality of realising that she had a serious drinking problem and how she fought to overcome it. She discusses how the story of a young and carefree girl turned into a darker experience as her alcohol use spiralled out of control. This story mainly focuses on the terrifying effects of blackouts, emotionally and physically. She experienced pure fear and anxiety after waking up to not remember most of her night. And felt as if the universe dropped her into someone else’s body and none of her actions or words was her. The book takes you on her journey to a sober, happy and fulfilled life. And the newfound confidence, creativity and success that came with putting down the bottle. The aim of this book is to help resonate with anyone who has faced this problem.

Girl Walks Out of a Bar by Lisa Smith

Smith describes her story of recovery from alcohol addiction. She discusses how alcohol leads her to become clinically depressed by stripping her of her confidence and self-worth. And describes how her addiction slowly took everything good away from her – her career, marriage, friendships and so much more. Then she goes on to talks about the day she has enough and the steps she took to recover and live a sober life. She does this with comedy, honesty and brutality as she tells her story of alcohol-fulled nights and the ongoing problems she faced.

Unwifeable by Mandy Stadtmiller

She talks about the moment that she started to consider herself as unwifeable after ruining all the relationships she had. She describes herself as self-destructive, narcissistic and an exhibitionist that was determined to ruin anything good in her life. But she actually wanted to make herself as terrifying to men and enjoyed it. She didn’t want to learn from past mistakes and experiences so she wasn’t held accountable and could remain ”peacefully” in denial. She did everything she could to avoid the shame and regretfulness… until she was forced to change. This book is to help people avoiding the path to self-discovery and gives useful advice on the steps to take.

Party Girl by Anna David

Anna David seemed like the stereotypical party girl from an outside perspective. But throughout this book she uncovers the dark truths about how her carelessly partying led her to an alcohol addiction. She uncovers the moment she realises this but still isn’t able to stop, despite loosing all the good things in her life. She looses her job, her friends and herself whilst addicted to alcohol. The book describes her incredible story to sobreity and the success athat came after this. A decision that changed her life for the better and allowed her relationships to blossom.

Drinking by Caroline Knapp

Knapp’s story describes how she slowly became an alcoholic without even realising it (until the terrifying moment she did). Her story is to help drinkers who may be becoming alcoholics gradually without even realising too. Knapp started to rely on drink for everything, for her confidence, happiness, fears and worries. And it was only when she stopped that she realised the true toxics and life-ruining effects that alcohol can have on someone’s life. Her story will help any recovering alcoholics or current to focus on what’s important and realise the happiness that lies beyond the bottle.

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