Best Selling Autobiography Books of All Time

Becoming by Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is undoubtedly one of the most inspiring women of our era and a true role model to women. She’s achieved so much and overcome countless barriers since being a young girl. Therefore, she has become a powerful advocate for the rise of women and girls all around the world. In her autobiography, she shares the experiences and lessons learnt that have shaped her into the women she is now. And how she defied all expectations to get to where she is today. The positivity in this book is contagious and inspiring. It shows that despite all the negative things she has seen/experienced growing up she overcome them. The main message behind this book is not to let peoples opinions of you discourage you. She faced many challenges growing up because of racism and sexism but her hard work and determination overcame them all like a true boss woman.

The Beauty of Living Twice Hardcover by Sharon Stone

Sharon Stones story begins where it nearly ended. In this autobiography, she tells the frightening story of her experience suffering a brain haemorrhage and stroke in 2001. She talks about her profound experience being that close to death and how it impacted her life. She lost her health, family, fortune and fame. But despite all of that she talks about the silver lining of what happened to her. And how it bought her to write this book to help others and share her life story. The book talks about second chances in life and how to appreciate every moment you have.

The Diary Of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

Anne Franks diary was written in unimaginable circumstances, during the holocaust and World War II. It tells the story of her families experiences and treatment of Jews in Europe during this time. What makes the story even more heart-wrenching, is that it’s from the perspective of an innocent 13-year-old girl. It begins on her 13th birthday discussing normal teenage things such as boys and friends. But the diary takes a disturbing change as it dives into the oppression that Jews were facing and the horrors of the holocaust. It’s a true personal account about life in hiding whilst a mass murder of Jews was happening at the hands of German Nazis.

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion

Didion book dives straight into the loss of her husband. She talks about her tragic loss happening at the same time her daughter was in a coma with a serious illness. She takes you on a journey of unimaginable hardship and how she overcame it. Which lead her to a year of magical thinking! This book describes her feelings of grief and mourning in hope that she can help others experiencing the same. She explains brief moments of insanity and how it’s completely normal to feel in denial. It takes you on a journey of accepting your grief and moving forward.

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Mandela was an international hero that fought against radical oppression in South Africa. This autobiography tells the epic story of his life, filled with discrimination, oppression and struggle which he fought to overcome. It shows how he dedicated his whole life to the freedom of discrimination. He tells his story of how he fought against injustice and eventually won the battle. It’s a true inspiration autobiography that gives a strong message to never give up and always fight for what’s right.

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