The Most Life-Changing Books

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coleho’s evocative novel takes readers on a spirtual journey filled with important life lessons. The narrative follows the story of Santiago, who takes a job as a shepard because it allows him to travel. One night he dreams of buried treasure at the pryamids and decides to follow his dreams and seek out the treasure. He meets many incredible people along the way that each teach him something unique and special. Also, his goals and visions inspires many people that he meets. People who have become content with less than they deserve. His journey pushes them to get out of their comfort zone and go for what they want in life. The journey is full of life experiences that are much more important than the treasure itself.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

If you want to be rich (who doesn’t?) then this book is well worth a read. Kiyosaki teaches you how to become wealthy and the importance of having the right mindset to achieve this. He teaches you about investing into assests, such as stocks or real estate, things that will earn you even more cash in the future. He highlights where the middle class and working class go wrong with money. He believes people spend too much on ”liabilities”. For example, all material items are libilities – they take money and give none back. You might look rich, and your friends might admire you for it… but you’re not actually rich. This book will give you some incredible advice on your finances. It’s time to get wealthy!

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This self-help book has sold over 30 million copies, therefore it is one of the best-selling books of all time. It gives timeless wisdom on how to get people to like you as well as influencing and inspiring them. He raises some very good thinking points about the behaviours of others and yourself. One of the most famous quotes from this book is ”talking in terms of other peoples interests… that is the royal road to a person’s heart”. He advises you to genuinely have interests in other peoples lives and what they have to say. If you want to feel important to others, you must make them feel important. The main message behind this book is that you have to change your behaviour to change others towards you. There’s no doubt that after reading this book, you can improve your relationships with others.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The concepts in this book are profound and can make a huge positive impact on how you live your life. Tolle shows you the importance of living in the moment because the now is all we have. He gives you useful strategies about how you can start living in the present moment and not waste any more time worrying about the past or future. You must read with an open mind as your ego is likely to get in the way of some of the suggestions made. But he teaches you how to dissociate with your thought patterns and that you’re so much more. He suggests that if you observe them without judgement you will free yourself of unnecessary. Your mind is simply a tool you can use. Learn how to switch it on and off. Reading this book with giving you a great step to the journey of enlightenment.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Sinek’s book aims to inspire people at work and to inspire others around them too, he calls this idea ”The Golden Circle”. The key message in this book is that people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. And you should communicate this with them first to cut out of the unnecessary sales tactics and other nonsense. He uses many examples of real-life leaders and how they communicate their ideas. It’s the perfect book to help you set up your own business and adapt your mindset.

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